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Exercise options in Southwark and Lambeth

Is exercise appropriate for me?

Specially designed exercises that work on your strength and balance are ideal for people who have had a fall, are at risk of falls or have fear of falling. We offer a range of strength and balance exercise programmes, run by qualified exercise instructors or physiotherapists, which may be appropriate to reduce your risk of falls depending on your needs.

‘Exercise to prevent falls’

This video describes why exercise is so important to prevent falls.

Flash Player is required to view this video. Alternatively you can download the exercise to prevent falls video in 'Windows Media Video' format. [13.68Mb]

If exercise is appropriate, you will be given the details of the programme that is best suited to your needs. This may be carried out in your own home, as part of a class in a community setting, or at the falls clinic. Your healthcare professional will be able to inform you which exercise option is most suitable.

If you are unsure if exercise is appropriate, please complete the basic assessment form or speak to your healthcare professional.